Network Objectives

  1. To provide Lean networking and information sharing opportunities
  2. To provide Lean enrichment and other training opportunities
  3. To promote the dissemination of continuous improvement Lean best practices

While rotating the logistics of the meeting site each quarter, the host agency conducts a value added or a learning component in addition to the old and new business discussed. Generally, we meet on the 3rd Friday of January, April, July and October from 1:00pm - 3:00 pm. To confirm the date, time and place of each Lean Network meeting, refer to the calendar on the Lean homepage.

Lean is not just about working harder — we are working smarter. One phrase you won't hear in an event or network meeting is "We've always done it that way." As new agencies join us, we are collectively reminded of why we conduct Lean events. We aim for process progression in terms of time, money and morale. Not only can we say it's working — we can prove it because Lean is data driven to better serve our customers!

What is the New Hampshire Lean Network?

The Lean Network is made up of state and local agencies that use Lean techniques for process improvement. It is the mission of the Lean Network to promote and support the use of Lean process improvement throughout New Hampshire. Upon inception, we opted to discuss best practices and lessons learned while letting the culture of our individual agencies shape our program.

Picture of the LEC
Feb 2019 — Back row: Jeanie Cadarette (NHDoS), Dagmar Vlahos (UNH), Candice Weingartner (NHDoIT), Edie Chiasson (NH Lottery), Sgt. Tom Lencki (NHDoS), Angela Linke (NHDoT), Joanna Bailey (NH Judicial Branch) Front row: Michele Kelliher (NH Banking Dept.), John MacPhee, chair (NH DHHS), Dan Hrobak (NHDES), Rich Bowen (NH Dept. of Treasury)