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Lean Black Belt Graduation Current and new lean blackbelts
Black Belt class of 2017: (left to right) Bill Hurd, Joshua Jarvis, Maureen Collopy, Barbara Bryant, Cindy Carrier, Jen Drake-Deese, Michelle Fuller, Chris Ialuna. Not pictured: Kirsten Durzey

Current and new lean blackbelts
NH Black Belts: Bill Hurd, Tyler Brandow, Joshua Jarvis, Michelle Collopy, Chris Ialuna, Michelle Fuller, Jen Drake-Deese. Front row: Barbara Bryant, Dagmar Vlahos, Kate McGovern, Michael Moranti, Cindy Carrier, Roberta Witham, Laura Holmes, Diane Dawson, Heather Barto.

Photos courtesy of William Sprecher Hurd III

What is Lean?

Lean is a set of tools used by public, private and non-profit sectors to improve processes by removing waste, increasing efficiency and elevating quality.

How does Lean work?

Lean addresses what customers and employees identify as inefficient uses of materials and personnel. Lean asks organizations to examine and rethink what they do, as well as how and why they do it. Processes are then evaluated and corrected, resulting in maximum quality and value delivered to customers.

Rather than being mandated by management, Lean empowers employees, tapping into their intelligence, creativity and experiences to implement more efficient ways of completing tasks and reaching organizational goals.

As a result of Lean, organizations become more efficient while enhancing customer satisfaction as well as employee engagement and morale.

Jim Womack, founder of the Lean Enterprise Institute, addressed the NH Lean Summit on September 24, 2013.
Click here for more information on the 2013 Summit.

Lean Practitioners and Lean Projects in New Hampshire

Graduates and Students of the Bureau of Education's Lean Black Belts Program March 4, 2016 Current and new lean blackbelts
Front row left to right: Candice Weingartner (DoIT), Laura Holmes (DHHS), Heather Barto (DHHS), Diane Dawson (DRA), Dagmar Vlahos (UNH), Angela Linke (DOT), Brenda Thomas (DAS), Mindy Pond (Gateways Community Services), Jill Fournier (DHHS), and Joanna Bailey (Judicial)
Back row left to right: Mike Moranti (DOS), Kate McGovern (DAS), Michelle Marshall (DOT), Todd Ringelberg (DoIT), Tyler Brandow (DHHS), Paul Raymond (DOS), and Ben Harris (DHHS)
Missing from photo: Edith Chaisson (Lottery), George Cookman (UNH), Roberta Emmons (DOS), Danielle Fuller (Gateways Community Services), Sharyn Goddard (DHHS), Thomas Lambert (DHHS), and Chris Wagner (DOS).
Department of Administrative Services | 25 Capitol Street | Concord, NH